The NDECPTA connects local families through learning and play to
foster growth at home and in our community.

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2017-2018 NDECPTA Advisory Board

Membership Committee- Valini Plunk*, Tori Jones, Kelley Boon, Megan Murphy
Fundraising Committee- Brenda Agee*, Samantha Neal, Meghan Vineyard
Communications Committee- Martina Crasto*, Alice Case, Amy Coats, Leigh Deal
Social Committee- Joanna Grovenstein*, Cait Dunn, Perry Barnett, Amy Passmore
Community Service Committee- Azadeh Wilhelm*, Vanessa Fuquay, Marianela Rios 
Nursery Committee- Elisa Roby*, Jennifer McConnell
Sponsorship Committee- Kaleigh Black* 

*Denotes Committee Chair

President: Emily Base
Letter from the President

Secretary: Diana Hinds

Treasurer: Jo Marsey

VP-Communications: Martina Crasto

Special Interests: Erin Wilton

Nursery: Elisa Roby

Sunshine: Sara Rockey 


VP-Membership: Valini Plunk

VP-Programs: Sarah Reidy

VP-Fundraising: Brenda Agee

Social Chair: Joanna Grovenstein

Community Service Chair: Azadeh Wilhelm 

Playgroup Chair: Ashley Huston 

Sponsorship Chair: Kaleigh Black 

Parliamentarian: Ashley Romo

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